What are Irozi Roses?

Irozi Roses are natural, real Roses from Ecuador. These are real Roses!

How do I care for my Roses?

Roses do not require water Keep away from Direct Sun Keep them out of Humid Places Do not press, bend or squash the petals

How long will my Adorn Irozi Roses last?

Our roses are the highest grade roses and with great care they will last up to a year.

Is the Rose case glass? Will it break?

Our Luxury cases were customarily designed. They are hand made out of acrylic..with its thickness being 3 cm. Please be cautious.

Can I take the Irozi Roses out of the box?

You can... but why will you want to? These Roses are meticulously placed in this luxury flower box. They are meant to stay inside this flower box. Touching the Roses may damage them.


What are Irozi Pets made with?... How do I care for my Irozi Pet?

Irozi Pets are handmade with foam like Roses. Please keep them out of direct contact of the sun. This item is a novelty item and does not require any maintenance.